Designed in Australia, Ruby Red Shoes is the creation of Twigseeds’ Kate Knapp. Ruby is a 100% organic plush cotton delight made in a Fair Trade approved factory. Irresistible to the young and young at heart Ruby is the perfect complement for Kate’s incredibly beautiful and popular Ruby Red Shoes cards and books.

Ruby Red Shoes Plush Toy

Pull back wheels several times, release and watch as car drives off! �Activated by rubber band underneath the car. Each plastic car �comes individually packaged in a retro box. Ages 6 +

Rubber Band Race Car

Made of tin. Roll it gently and it rolls back to you!

Come Back Tin Roller Wheel Roll it gently and it rolls back to you. Six different styles. Ages 18 months +

Come back Roller

Bend me, shape me into various positions by moving my head, arms and legs. Display contains 12 wooden robots in two different colours, red and blue.

Wooden Robot