In the early sixties at the Royal College of Art in London, three extraordinary personalities collided to reshape contemporary art and literature. Barrie Bates (who would become Billy Apple in November 1962) was an ambitious young graphic designer from New Z... read more

The Mirror Steamed Over - Love and Pop in London, 1962


 NZ Biography

Series:C. K. Stead Memoirs Ser.

New Zealand's most extraordinary literary everyman - poet, novelist, critic, activist - C. K. Stead told the story of his first twenty-three years in South-West of Eden. In this second volume of his memoirs, Stead takes us from the moment he left New Zealand for a job... read more

You have a Lot to Lose - A Memoir, 1956 - 1986


 NZ Fiction

 Katie struggles with anxiety and compulsive behaviour disorders. She self-harms and is seeing a counsellor. When she starts dating it only increases her anxieties. Then her parents hear her Yiayia (grandmother) is ill in Greece and may be dying. The family decide to visit. Reluct... read more

Half My Life


 NZ Fiction

Reading Level:very good

An engaging, funny and moving novel about a boy trying to make sense of it all. Fifteen-year-old Ricky lives in Aspiring, a town that’s growing at an alarming rate. Ricky’s growing, too — 6’7”, and taller every day. But he’s stuck in a loop: student, ... read more


With jaw-dropping endemic species such as Kiwi, Kea and Takahe, New Zealand is a birdwatcher's paradise. This book provides comprehensive information and practical advice on every aspect of the subject, including key birding area... read more

Birdwatching for Beginners in New Zealand: A Complete Guide
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Gordon McLauchlan continues his bestselling Short History series with an in-depth look into the history of the farming industry in New Zealand. From the early migrant farmers and regional produce trading, to the revolution of refrigeration - opening... read more

A Short History of Farming in New Zealand


 NZ Biography

New Zealand Nature Heroes is designed to inspire and empower New Zealand kids to be naturalists and conservationists. Aimed at the 8-12 age range, the book features stories of 15 different nature heroes, people who, in the past, or currently, are working to protect and u... read more

New Zealand Nature Heroes


 NZ Natural History

One of the largest trees in the world, the kauri is a natural wonder and a New Zealand icon. Its immense trunk has supplied timber for every conceivable use from Maori war canoes to modern European homes. Along the way, the industries that sprang up around it shaped national cultur... read more



 NZ Guidebooks

New Zealand is known for its natural beauty but it is the small towns and quirky features of many places that give the country its distinctive style. Photographer Stuart MacDonald has travelled around Aotearoa for the past 10 years capturing i... read more

Aotearoa: A Photographer's Journey Around New Zealand

Jonathan Boston tackles one of the most urgent questions in contemporary New Zealand: how should we transform the welfare state? Not only do we need to alleviate our current serious social problems, but we also need to meet the challenges of the futu... read more

Transforming the Welfare State - BWB Text Series


 NZ Pictorial

Petr Hlavacek is a photographer with a strong affection for the landscape of New Zealand¿s South Island. Based at Franz Josef in South Westland, he has built an impressive reputation for his richly coloured and beautifully composed landscapes. In South, these photographs ... read more

South (rejacket)

New Zealand: Untouched Landscapes is a fresh and strikingly beautiful collection of landscape photographs that have been captured throughout the county by professional photographer, Petr Hlavacek. From our most iconic locations to harder-to-access and pro... read more

New Zealand Untouched Landscapes (Pocket Ed)