Explore Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in this intricately illustrated black white gallery of characters and scenes from the film and designs used in its making, which is officially licensed by War... read more

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Magical Characters and Places Colouring Book


 Colouring Books

Series:Art for Mindfulness

Colour your way to better focus! Colouring books ...for grown-ups. Remember the long hours spent colouring in the lines of your most-cherished colouring books, full box of crayons within reach, the demanding adult world tuned out? Secretly long for a... read more

Art for Mindfulness: Vintage Fabric Patterns

More and more adults and older children are turning to colouring; a hobby that is nostalgic, creative and therapeutic all at the same time. The Angel & Fairy Colouring Book provide beautiful designs inspired by angels and fairies to colour that are a step beyond children's favourites. The paper is... read more

The Angel & Fairy Colouring Book: Large and Small Projects to Enjoy

More and more adults and older children are turning to colouring; a hobby that is nostalgic, creative and therapeutic all at the same time. The Flower Colouring Book provide beautiful floral designs to colour that are a step beyond ch... read more

The Flower Colouring Book: Large and Small Projects to Enjoy

This adult coloring book is like no other. It's a beautiful, breathing, beating, eccentric mashup of pure hand-drawn goodness. The Doodlers Anonymous Epic Coloring Book is a compilation of offbeat illustration styles by 90 global contemporary artists bound together for your coloring pleasure. Doodlers... read more

Doodler Anonymous Epic Coloring Book - An Extraordinary Mashup of Doodles and Drawings Begging to be Filled in with Color

Free your mind with these enlightening mandala designs! For centuries, mandalas have provided an elevated level of guidance to those seeking peace, inspiration, and a deeper connection to the world around them. Now, with The Mandala Coloring Book, you can use these sacred circles to help you find tran... read more

The Mandala Coloring Book: Inspire Creativity, Reduce Stress, and Bring Balance with 100 Mandala Coloring Pages

Immerse yourself in designs that draw on a rich resource of Maori decorative technique. Use the elements of line, shape and space found in this imaginative collection to fill in the shapes and develop artworks of your own creation.

Maori Patterns Colour your World

Immerse yourself in the wonders of complex, stunning patterns--and feel the tension ease from your body and mind. From spellbinding grids and Art Nouveau florals to Japanese waves and medieval motifs, these images await your personal touch--the hues you love, the medium (pen, pencil, paint) you prefer.

Calming Colouring: Pattern: 80 Blissful Patterns to Colour in

Free your mind with these beautiful paisley designs! Stress Less Coloring: Paisley Patterns helps you manage your worries in a fun, creative, and relaxing way. By concentrating on coloring and shading each of the 100 paisley patterns, you'll calm your mind and let go of any tension you may be feeling.... read more

Paisley Patterns: 100+ Coloring Pages for Peace and Relaxation (Stress Less Coloring)

Beautiful mandala designs for inner peace and inspiration! Mandalas provide guidance to those seeking creativity and a more balanced life. The Big Book of Mandalas provides tranquility and a creative rele... read more

Big Book of Mandalas: More Than 200 Mandala Coloring Pages for Inner Peace and Inspiration


 Colouring Books

Reading Level:Children's - Grade 3-4, Age 8-9

Good news for all SECRET GARDEN fans All editions of SECRET GARDEN now feature thicker and heavier paper stock, fighting bleed-through from ink pens.
Experience the phenomenon that has sold 11 million copies worldwide... read more

Secret Garden - An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book